The Consensus of Opinion
Article in Harper's Bazaar, Photograph by Man Ray, 
March 1936

Hoo? Hoo? Hoo's getting hitched?

We're Getting Hitched.

Here's the plan. July 5. Plymouth, Massachussetts. Native American and Pilgrim garb: optional. (Actually, the place we are getting married prohibits anyone but their employees from dressing as either Pilgrims or Native Americans, so plan accordingly and leave your buckle-strap shoes at home.) 

For now, just plan on getting to Plymouth for the July 4 weekend and securing a place to stay. 

For people flying, you can fly into either Boston's Logan International Airport or Providence, Rhode Island. Both are about an hour from Plymouth. To get to Plymouth from the airport, you can rent a car or take a shuttle from Logan to Plymouth. The idea with the weekend is that once you're in Plymouth, you shouldn't need a car. 

Unless you're planning on stowing away on the Mayflower II, which we really cannot discourage more strongly, you'll probably need to reserve some hotel rooms. We recommend, in descending order of recommendations, The John Carver Inn (888-906-6181; new room reservations are extension #2) and the Bradford Inn and Suites (508-746-6200). There's also a Best Western and Hotel 1620 at Plymouth Harbor within walking distance of the action. But, neither has the Pilgrim Cove Pool (or the imprimatur of official sanction) of The John Carver, nor the seedy charm of the Bradford Inn and Suites.

A room at the John Carver is going to cost you about $400 total for the nights of July 4 and 5. We are not able to reserve a block of rooms at the John Carver, so it is important to book your rooms sooner rather than later because it will fill up for the 4th of July weekend and rooms are on a first-come-first-reserve basis.

If you want to help us photograph the wedding and the weekend, get this app:

We are using an app called WedPics to allow people to upload their photos to a shared account online. You can join the wedding by downloading the app (for iPhone, for Android) and entering our event's ID: SarahBen2014. You'll want to be on your actual iPhone or Android device when you click the links above. 

If you want to give us something besides your fancy footwork on the dance floor...

We're registered at Crate & Barrel and Macy's.

More information about the wedding: 

We are getting married at the Plimoth Plantation. It's about a five-minute drive from downtown Plymouth. We're going to have a shuttle run laps from the John Carver Inn before and after the wedding and during the reception.

Weather permitting, the wedding ceremony is going to be outside in a lovely garden that's fertilized with the bones of pilgrims passed. So, wear shoes that are garden-ready but will translate onto the dance floor.  

Are you going to be there? 

RSVP with this awesome form:

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Fast songs, slow songs, silly songs, as long as they're your songs.
If you're going to join us, how many people (including lovely you) are you bringing? And, by "people" we mean "people that are not babies". Babies are welcome, they just don't count here.

While you're filling out this form, here's a cute gallery of photos of us being cute. 

We're super-stoked to see you in Plymouth in July. And, if you're not coming, shame on you. 


Sarah and Ben