Here’s a list of tips that might help you enjoy BlueGrassRoots (and web content generally) even more than you already do:

1) Download Footnotify. This is an extension for good browsers like Google’s Chrome, Apple’s Safari, and Mozilla’s Firefox browser.[1] It allows you to click on a footnote link (I footnote a lot) and see the content in situ rather than being moved all around the page. Also great for Wikipedia.

2) Get on the Instapaper. Instapaper is a service that allows you to save web content for offline reading later on your iOS or e-reading devices. It also strips away all of the scruff of websites: advertisements, link lists, and “below-the-fold” content. If you have a long article (and many of my posts are long), consider sending it to Instapaper.

3) Get an RSS reader. What is RSS? Step into the 21st Century. I use Google Reader and sync it with a great, Mac-only RSS client, NetNewsWire. This isn’t the sort of site you’re going to want to come to every day, so just subscribe to BGR’s RSS feed and enjoy it when it comes to you.

4) Follow @bluegrassroots for links to each BGR post. It’s like RSS for Twitter. Follow @notbencarter for more traditional Twitter-style bologna.

  1. If you are using Internet Explorer, stop.