Make Art, Dummies

by Ben Carter

A presentation's slides should be completely inscrutable without the presenter's narration.

With that unimpeachable truth stated, here are my slides for a presentation I'm giving tomorrow to the Terry Scholars, new and (like me) old, down at Davidson College. I'll be talking about the dispute between the Smoketown neighborhood and MSD over the construction of a combined sewer overflow (CSO) basin in Smoketown.

But, really, this is a talk about why and how to make art in our lives and communities. Art happens when we bring our full humanity and expertise to a problem. Creating art in your career or personal life requires hard work, courage, and curiosity. You need a high tolerance for not knowing why you're doing a thing or what it will lead to and a deep commitment to growing as a person, getting to the margins, gaining expertise, and giving gifts. 

I'm pretty excited about giving this presentation, seeing my amigos at Davidson, and honoring the legacy of Dean Terry. If you want me to give this presentation to your org or business, I require a sliding scale honorarium that begins with BBQ and ends with a number in front of four zeros. ;-)