Big Week for the McCarters

by Ben Carter

My wife, Erin, will be on A&E's television show, After the First 48, this Thursday at 10 p.m. Last year, as an Assistant Commonwealth's Attorney in Jefferson County she prosecuted a homicide that shares many elements of the Trayvon Martin case: a racially-charged killing with the defendant claiming self-defense. 

Set your DVRs. 

You can check out the trailer on A&E's website. Here's their description of the episode: 

In January of 2009, Louisville resident Billy Wagner was killed in the street by a single bullet to the back of the head. After nearly two weeks, Det. Rick Arnold charged 20-year-old Gary Lindsey with murder, but the story was far from over. At trial, a young prosecutor faced off against a power veteran defense attorney. And the jury had to decide: Was the killing self-defense or murder?

In more good, Erin-related news, she is now blogging at For those of you who know her, you will know how great this is going to be. You can receive occasional email updates from her. They will likely be about criminal law—domestic violence in particular—UK basketball, and the paleo diet. For a non-stop stream of Erin greatness, you can always follow her on Twitter. Her handle is @tinemac.

Oh, and we were on KSR yesterday.

Big week.

Three Goggles: A Cool Nerdy Shirt

by Ben Carter

So, I had an idea for a t-shirt.

What can I say? It's March. I live in Kentucky. I'm a nerd.

And, it's 2012, so technology allows me to create and order a t-shirt in almost no time. Awesome. 

If you like it, too, I've created a shop at, a Cafepress alternative that offers ethical and enviornmentally-friendly screenprinting options. You can customize your tee for color, size, and style (fitted, traditional, etc.). 

Go Cats.