A Happy Estate Sale

by Ben Carter

Look at these two dumb lovebirds. 

Look at these two dumb lovebirds. 

My mom got hitched recently and she's moving to southern Indiana. Happily for you, that means she's selling a lot of high-quality stuff on Saturday from 7-12 at 2010 Emerson Avenue in Louisville. Below are some galleries of some of the stuff that will be available. If you are interested in pre-purchasing something and picking it up on Saturday, text or call her at 606-923-3885. 

I  know she's my mom so I'm biased, but the taste-level on this yard sale is off the charts. Extremely good stuff (and great prices) here, peeps.

(Also, if you're in the market for a house, she's listing it, too, soon. Come take a look.) 

Check back in to this site over the next few days. There's a LOT more odds-and-ends that will be going into the sale and we'll try to post representative pics of some of the stuff here. 


Household Items

A Loom

(I'm serious, a loom.) Here's what my mom says about it: "This loom was bought in 1972 in Hawaii, and at the time we were told that it had originally been used in a school in California in the late 1800’s and then was shipped to Hawaii. This is an antique floor loom, 4 Harness, Counter-Balance, 36" wide, sinking shed with metal heddles in the harnesses." (I have no idea what any of that means.) $500

Workout/Sports Equipment