Spiritual Revolution

by Ben Carter

On a Sunday, I'm going to talk about spiritual revolution.

Political reform? Yes. We need to stop electing representatives from gerrymandered districts. We need to make it easier, not harder, for everyone to vote.


We also need to work on ourselves. On our spirits. The best, fairest election processes will only elect representatives that accurately reflect the citizens voting.

What do those citizens want? Do they go to the ballot filled with fear and anger? Or, do they go to the ballot courageously, generously, compassionately?

We are covered with scales. We are suspicious of those around us. We believe they are "getting away with something". With what? We're not sure. But, they are not to be trusted and are not deserving.

We need a spiritual revolution. The greatness of my generation will be measured by how well we translate our ability to generate remarkable wealth into a guarantee that everyone in America can live in basic dignity.

We only get that kind of politics when citizens come to terms individually with the fact that—no matter what—we will die and come to believe that our unavoidable, impending deaths is not a call to grab everything while we can, but to let everything go with as much grace and love we can muster. For me, that's a spiritual revolution. It's why I sit in the pews of Douglass Boulevard Christian Church most Sundays praying for the courage to let go of the things I love and the things I despise.

"Poverty is not natural. It is manmade, and it can be eradicated by the actions of human beings." What Mandela calls for in this video requires a spiritual revolution. Bob Marley was praying for a spiritual revolution in "Redemption Song": emancipation from mental slavery.

I pray today that we can each find spiritual homes and spiritual guides that will help us dedicate ourselves to the unglorious work that history will most certainly forget of loving each other well.